10 Favorite Google Script Fonts

I love working with Google Web Fonts. Google Web Fonts is a collection of over 600 fonts, optimized for web and stored in the cloud.  These fonts can be downloaded to your computer for use with graphics, or easily embedded into your web projects.  This means that when designing you are no longer stuck with the 10 or so BORING web safe fonts and you can create headers in script fonts without using image files.  It’s also a lot easier than converting your fonts to web fonts and a bit more foolproof.

Here are two tutorials for the tech savvy, that go through the basics of using the fonts on your website or web projects.  If you are using wordpress or better yet, the Genesis framework for WordPress, StudioPress has a super easy tutorial on adding google fonts to your site.  If you are using another platform, this is a basic tutorial for adding google fonts to your website.

You can also download the fonts to your computer, or use the cloud based service SkyFonts to easily add and access the fonts in your design program.  I have noticed that since I started using SkyFonts acrobat distiller has gone a little batty, but it’s so easy to use that I’m just ignoring the popup messages I’m getting from distiller.

Now, with over 600 FREE fonts, it’s to be expected that not all of the fonts are good.   With so many font freebies, it takes time to go through and cull the ones that are outstanding.  But, the good news is if you take the time there are some real winners in there.  I’ve compiled a short list of my 10 favorite Script Google Fonts.  These are all great choices for headers, captions and quotes.  Enjoy!



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