About Modern Sugar

Modern Sugar is a boutique web design studio, specializing in boutique ecommerce, WAHM web design and turnkey boutique setup. We have consistently delivered hip and stylish websites at affordable prices for small businesses and online boutiques.

A little about me…

I am Natalie Reis, owner and web designer for Modern Sugar. Like many other WAHM run businesses, my business came about by accident. While working as a 3rd grade teacher I was struggling to find an extra source of income after the birth of my daughter (really – who knew babies were so darned expensive). While selling some baby clothes on ebay, I discovered web and graphic design as a way to dress up my auctions and a new passion was born.

It’s hard to say whether I was more passionate about the design aspect, or the idea of owning my own business – or maybe a combination, but things started taking off and in the fall of 2006 I quit my teaching job to stay home and work on my boutique web design business full-time (you can read about more my journey to working for myself full time).

The team…

I am fortunate to have a great team. First there is Shane, our illustrator. Shane has a knack for using Adobe Illustrator and is always a good sport about the super girly designs we ask him to create.

Denice, our copywriter, strives to find the unique and interesting in everything she writes. She works with clients one-on-one to create engaging and relevant content specific to their online boutique.

Mecca is our social media expert. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedn and more – she’s got your social media angles covered.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company or our services!