Mobile Search : How Can It Help You Find New Customers

mobile search guide

It’s easy to see how pervasive mobile technology has become. Take a look around and you’ll see people with their faces buried in their mobile phones. Mobile is everywhere…in our hands, on our nightstands and desks, on the news…everywhere. This guide is packed with simple tips and strategies to help small businesses reach new customers using mobile.  

FREE Valentine’s Day Printable Banner from Petite Stationery


Here’s a cute little free Valentine’s Day Banner printable – perfect for a party or just some Valentine’s day decorating around the house.  Super easy to make – download the printable pdf, print on cardstock, tape some ribbon to each piece and hang.  Curling ribbon, satin ribbon or twine works well!  I printed it to hang on the mirror above the mantle – we don’t do a ton of Valentine’s decorating but I always put a couple things up!  You {Read More}

PARTY inspired color

inspired color from modern sugar

I’ve been VERY obsessed with cupcakes lately.  Every party deserves a beautiful, super yummy cupcake!  I’ve been experimenting with all kinds and colors…the latest is classic vanilla with a chocolate frosting that mimics canned but is so much better, and banana cream pie cupcakes.  Super yum – what could be better.  My favorite in the last couple of weeks was last weekend – lemon blueberry with lemon buttercream frosting.  So, as soon as I saw this picture it made me {Read More}

Living up to Your Potential


I recently read a post on one of my favorite blogs – Making it Lovely, called “Mathematical Mind” that really got me thinking.  Nicole talks a little bit about her high school and college experience and a bit about how she’s not exactly where she could be.  I won’t paraphrase too much – you can check it out here…but wow, this really resonated with me. Lately I have been thinking about my late grandfather, Donald F. Chamberlain (pictured above with {Read More}

Get Well Soon!


So, my little guy had surgery, again, last week. He previously had tubes put in when he was 13 months, but they have since fallen out, and after 5 -6 ear infections this year alone, the ENT said he needed tubes again. They also decided to take his adenoids out, hoping that would negate the need for tubes a 3rd time around. The surgery was pretty quick – we got to the hospital at 7 and were on our way {Read More}

Treluxe – Modern Sugar’s Latest Boutique Web Design Launch

I just finished up a fun little project –’s new website.  We are working on some minor tweaks, but overall I’m thrilled with the way the site came together.

Christmas Cards 2011

Every year I promise myself that next year I will design my own Christmas cards, and every year comes around and I just don’t have the time.  We just got our beautiful family pictures back from Olan Mills and I hopped onto Shutterfly to design our cards.  I know, I know…but really, next year I’ll do custom ones Merry Christmas! Stationery card View the entire collection of cards.

Cleaning the Mary Way


I keep dreaming that Alice comes into my life and cheerfully restores order to my house with her little blue dress and apron.  But alas, it’s still just me slogging through load after load of laundry.  I’ve stumbled across a book that looks truly hopeful and fun 31 Days to Clean:  Having a Martha Home the Mary Way.  I’m going to give it a try – I’ll give it a brief review in 30 days – we’ll see if it {Read More}

Recycle Bank


I just found this fun site – Recycle Bank.  The idea behind Recycle Bank is rewarding people for taking small steps toward a greener lifestyle.  You earn points by doing things like taking quizzes, making small changes to your lifestyle or home and spreading the word.  It seems fairly easy to get some quick rewards – I earned about 100 points this morning just taking quizzes and posting on facebook.  I earned enough points to get 3 coupons for $1 {Read More}

Just to be Informed


About a month ago I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals.  My motivation for reading the book had nothing to do with eating or animals, really I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I was looking for something to read on my new kindle and did a search for Foer.  I loved the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: A Novel and I happened upon Eating Animals.  I can’t even remember if I realized when purchasing {Read More}