Recycle Bank

I just found this fun site – Recycle Bank.  The idea behind Recycle Bank is rewarding people for taking small steps toward a greener lifestyle.  You earn points by doing things like taking quizzes, making small changes to your lifestyle or home and spreading the word.  It seems fairly easy to get some quick rewards – I earned about 100 points this morning just taking quizzes and posting on facebook.  I earned enough points to get 3 coupons for $1 {Read More}

Just to be Informed

About a month ago I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals.  My motivation for reading the book had nothing to do with eating or animals, really I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I was looking for something to read on my new kindle and did a search for Foer.  I loved the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: A Novel and I happened upon Eating Animals.  I can’t even remember if I realized when purchasing {Read More}

Pacifier Perception

I’ve noticed that the pacifier debate brings up strong feelings, whether for or against.  My mother always felt like they took my brother’s pacifier away too early, thus creating a thumb-sucking habit that lasted until he was 5 or 6.  She is on the pro-paci side, telling me to leave Aiden alone when I try to remove his pacifier.  My in-laws are more old school, thinking pacifiers aren’t necessary after 6 months, I’ve heard them tell Aiden “you don’t need {Read More}

In Search of the Perfect Birthday Cake

It started when Delia turned one…my pursuit of the perfect birthday cake. I am a firm believer that although a box cake is always good, it’s just never as special as a from scratch cake. For Delia’s first birthday I did a strawberry vanilla cake that was amazing. I spent hours online researching recipes and agonizing over it. Everyone raved and I was hooked, not only on how good it was, but how amazed everyone was that it wasn’t from {Read More}

Oh Sweet Baby Boy

I’ve been amazed at how different Delia and Aiden are.  Delia was terrified of men, especially men with beards, when she was a baby (sorry grandpas – both grandfathers had beards and she would cry and turn away when she saw them)…Aiden prefers men, he will reach out for strangers even, especially men with beards.  Delia loved baby dolls and stuffed animales from 3 months forward…Aiden could take them or leave them but is in love with any type of {Read More}

On becoming a WAHM…

I finally put together an about me page for the Modern Sugar website.  People have been asking for it since I started the website in 2005, back when it was The Maine Baby and later TMBDesigns.  Somehow it never got written.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, where I started…why I started.  You can read the story on the website – it is brief but hits the major points.  I think some of what’s missing is how desperate I {Read More}

A Boutique SEO Freebie

I love that Delia has had a chance to meet her great grandmother.  We had such a nice time visiting with family and I just loved seeing my grandmother.  She’s as spunky and full of life as ever.  I finally got around to grabbing the latest Shabby Princess desktop for March and found the perfect picture of Delia and her great grandmother.  And…I’m embarrassed to say that the desktop I replaced was from September…not sure what to say about that.  {Read More}

Happy {belated} Birthday Grandma

My grandmother turned 90 on valentine’s day.  We were supposed to be there for her 90th birthday party, but an uncharacterstic snow storm (one of 2 or 3 this winter) hit the Baltimore area a couple of days before and the party was postponed.  So we’re heading down this weekend to celebrate a month late.  I’m beyond excited, not just for her birthday but also because we are driving down. I grew up taking driving vacations when I was younger.  {Read More}

Addicted to cleaning?

If you know me, you’re laughing…me, addicted to cleaning.  Well, not exactly.  When Aiden was about 3 months (can you believe he turns 1 on Thursday…I know, where does the time go???) I noticed that the dish soap didn’t seem to be washing out of his bottles.  I would go to fill them and there would be suds in there.  If I was making formula, it wasn’t a huge deal, but breast milk…seemed like a crime to throw it away, {Read More}

Happy New Year

I have no snappy pictures to post of our beautiful holidays.  They are mostly on my camera, and well, there is the fact that I was sick for weeks so maybe I didn’t take as many as usual – started the week before Christmas and I’m still on antibiotics for an ear infection that doesn’t seem to want to go away.  Aiden is on his third type of antibiotics for a similar ear infection – poor little guy.  Anyway, I’m {Read More}