Addicted to cleaning?

If you know me, you’re laughing…me, addicted to cleaning.  Well, not exactly.  When Aiden was about 3 months (can you believe he turns 1 on Thursday…I know, where does the time go???) I noticed that the dish soap didn’t seem to be washing out of his bottles.  I would go to fill them and there would be suds in there.  If I was making formula, it wasn’t a huge deal, but breast milk…seemed like a crime to throw it away, {Read More}

Holiday Gifts for Teacher

Every year I struggle to find a great idea for a holiday present for Delia’s teacher.  The ideal gift is something that is pretty, functional and doesn’t break the bank.  We have fallen back on nice soap and lotion sets from Bath and Body Works on one too many occasions.  I really wanted this year to be different and I’m super excited with the idea I came up with.  I knew that this year I wanted to design our holiday {Read More}

The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything…

When I was younger I was obsessed with this B made for TV move – The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything.  it was about this detective (I think he was a detective) who inherits this watch that will either a) stop time or b) make you invisible.  I don’t even remember what the rest of the movie was about, but I would daydream for hours about what I could do if I had a watch like that.  When I {Read More}

Bliss9Nine Boutique Logo

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