Ruffles Exclusive 3dCart Template

I just love this picture, with the ruffled shades, lots of white and bright pretty spots of color!  I knew the instant I came across it that it would inspire a new website design. With this design, we’re trying something a little new.  The boutique website template I created, Ruffles, will be sold exclusively on 3dCart.  I’m very excited to let the super capable team at 3dcart have at it with this template.  You can still get any of the {Read More}

Boho Boutique Website Template from My Quick Boutique

I love how these colors somehow combine the soft and bold to create a fun yet sweet boutique website template.  Our affordable eCommerce templates let you quickly and easily take your boutique to the next level.  We work with both starter cart options like and to some more advanced carts like 3dCart and BigCommerce.  There really is something for every budget.   Check out this pretty boutique website template at at Our templates come with several different hosting {Read More}

Blossom OOAK Boutique Website Template from My Quick Boutique

Blossom is pre-made OOAK boutique web site template from My Quick Boutique.  This template is an exclusive design, which means it will only be sold once.  I’ve included the inspired color scheme that I used as a basis for this, although I was lucky enough to find a graphics set that matched it almost exactly.  Some extra graphics will also be included with the design as a bonus! I love how PRETTY Blossom is.  It combines one of my favorite {Read More}

Dream Boutique Website Template from My Quick Boutique

Our latest pre-made boutique website template is DREAM.  Pretty colors with soft accents and a ribbon detail in the header.  With colors as pretty as a magical playroom and lots of M2M add-ons coming soon!  This boutique template works with many compatible hosts, including one of our new faves – 3dCart – you can see why we love this eCommerce software HERE.  Check out the template at at Not quite what you’re looking for?  Consider a custom boutique website {Read More}

Butter Cream – Boutique Website Template from My Quick Boutique

I have been asked many times over the years where I derive my color inspiration for site designs. Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE. I can’t walk through a store, look through a magazine or surf the web without color ideas popping out at me. Some of my favorite places for inspiration are anything Martha Stewart (cliche but true), Pottery Barn Kids and other kids bedding and decor sites, matchy matchy clothing sets (think Janie and Jack or Gymboree) and baking websites, {Read More}