My Creative Life

I’ve been stuck lately.  I have had an incredibly difficult year, with personal problems cropping up every other week.  So far 2014 has just not been kind and I’m already looking toward 2015.  From frozen and burst pipes in early January, unexpected hospital stays for close family members, my grandmother’s death, and both my daughter and niece breaking legs on a ski trip…same day, several feet away from each other…the year has left me weary.

I know that I am extremely lucky to work out of a home office that can easily travel with me.  But the trade off is late nights, early mornings and unfortunately at times, disappointed clients.  As I’ve muddled through with work, being pulled in different personal directions, I am realizing that merely churning work out and paying the bills isn’t enough for me.  If 2014 has taught me anything it’s that life really is too short, bad things do happen to good people and living every day to it’s fullest, as though it were your last should not be just a cliche.  With this in mind I’m working on some changes at Modern Sugar.  Stay tuned…here’s hoping that the rest of 2014 rocks!


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