Design Process

Design Process for Your Boutique Web Design Project

Step 1 – Payment and Paperwork (week 1)

Once you have decided to move forward with your custom boutique website from Modern Sugar, you can either make your deposit payment online or we will invoice you for your initial deposit payment of $500.  This payment is non-refundable and serves to hold your spot on the wait list.  Once we have a deposit, we will forward you an agreement letter to sign and fax or mail back to us.  This serves as our contract for your custom design.    Once your project start date arrives we will invoice you for 50% of the balance of your project.  Upon receipt of this payment we will move to our next phase – planning. (the last 50% is due after graphics and template are finalized, but before upload)

Step 2 – Planning (week 2)

Once payment and paperwork is complete you will fill out an online design questionnaire. This questionnaire will be the basis for the first draft of your logo and design.  It allows you the opportunity to communicate any and all information about what your vision for your site is, as well as information about your business and competition.  We can also setup a phone consult at this time to go over any specific ideas for your project.

Step 3 – Logo Design and Account Set Up (week 3 – 4)

Now is the time to get your hosting account setup.  This allows us to start working on adding products and pages immediately.  The more we setup now the closer you will be to having a live site once the design process is finalized.  We will also familiarize you with your cart or CMS (content management system) and help you find the correct tutorials for your hosting.  We also begin designing your logo, which is the basis for your site design.  Your first draft is usually delivered in about 7 days after we receive your questionnaire.  Once we finalize the logo we move onto our next phase.

Step 4 – Coming Soon Page (week 5)

Once your logo is finalized we will create a coming soon page (if this is part of your package)

Step 5 – Template Design (week 6 – 8 )

With your logo and coming soon page finished, we’ll start designing your template.  Your first template draft is delivered in approximately 7 days after your logo is finalized.  During this phase it is important that you respond to your drafts within 2 days of receiving them.  This allows us to keep your project on schedule.  You can discuss your drafts via email or by phone.  We do not limit your revisions so we work with you to create the perfect design for you and your business.  This usually takes 2 – 4 revisions, although sometimes we get there in 1 – 2 and occasionally it takes longer.  After your feedback for each revision we try to get the new draft out to you in 3 days.

Step 6 – Installation and Go Live (week 9 – 12)

Once your design is finalized we install the template and test everything to make sure your setup is complete.  Then we setup your home page per your specifications.  Once your store is tested and stocked we will launch your site by removing your “Coming Soon” page and setting your site live.

***Please note that time frames are a generalization and will vary from project to project.