Happy Halloween…

delia-aiden-halloween09Oh gosh – is it really December?  Seriously, where is the time going.  My poor little blog got completely ignnored in November.  Blame it on THE flu.  Shortly after Halloween – maybe a week, we got hit with THE flu.  You know the one…oink, oink.  Delia came down with it first – approximately 10 days after her flu shot.  Apparently they say it takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to be effective.  Sigh…and we would have had her vaccinated earlier if that had been an option.  Maine has received only 60% of the vaccine that was promised for their high risk population.  That means that there are pregnant women, babies and toddlers out there who have not been vaccinated.  Ummmmm, doesn’t really make a positive statement for the idea of the government taking over health care…but that’s a soap box for another day.  So, after we realized that Delia had THE flu, I was able to get Tamiflu, but even after arguing with nurse Ratched at the pediatrician’s office about how Aiden was only 10 months old, we were not able to get it for him.  Aiden had not even had his shot yet, we couldn’t get him in for his first shot until the same week that the kids came down with the flu (isn’t it ironic…dontcha think).  And since hubby is not high risk, he had to go without the Tamiflu as well.

Of course, 2 days after begging for Tamiflu, little Aiden came down with IT, and Delia had been running a fever for more than 72 hours so we were finally allowed to go and see the pediatrician.  Turns out that the before mentioned nurse was WRONG!!!!!  Of course Aiden should be on tamiflu – he’s high risk just by virtue of the fact that he is a BABY!  OK, maybe I’m still feeling a little hostile, it’s just so hard to watch your little ones get really sick and to realize that it could have been prevented.  And it’s possible that I’m a little mad at myself for not insisting that I talk to the doctor about whether he should be on Tamiflu.

Anyway, Delia ended up with an ear infection and pink eye as a result of THE flu.  Aiden also had pink eye, but once we got him on Tamiflu things improved for him much quicker than they had for her.  He had a fever for just one day, vs. her 6 days of fever.  She was home for an entire week, but finally, after antibiotics for the ear and pink eye, was on the mend.  Amazingly, hubby did not get sick…until later.  About 2 1/2 weeks after the kids were sick, he came down with what seems to be THE flu.  Fever, aches, congestion and a wicked bad cough got him sent home from work, and thankfully because of that Pandemic sick pay, he’s been allowed to stay home and rest…although, crazy guy that he is, he did sneak off to work at 3 am one morning…”I had a deadline”  he says to me sheepishly after being sent home again as soon as they realized he was there.

Anyway, all I have to say is thank heavens for Tamiflu, because mama never ended up sick.  And typically I’m not happy to be considered high risk, but hey, it saved me from getting this yucky, nasty flu…and we all know what happens when mama is sick.  I have also realized how much hubby does around the house, because it’s sort of been a wreck here since he’s been sick.  Combined with the fact that business really picked up, with me working instead of cleaning and him resting instead of cleaning…well, we’re not quite candiates for Hoarders yet, but I might not answer the door if someone comes to visit unexpectedly.

And speaking of work…we have a lot, and I mean a lot going on.  We are getting ready for a big change…a break up of sorts.  Can’t really fill you in yet, but hopefully we will be ready within the next week or so for our big announcement.  And…we are also getting ready to list our first turn key site.  Complete with a well stocked inventory of beautiful items…I so badly want to give a sneak peek, but that will have to wait until we’re a little farther along.

In the newly launched category, we have some new sites coming out.  We’ve done a lot more pre-made’s lately, but have still been working on some customs.  Here’s one that we finished up yesterday and we are so pleased!  Unboring Boys Blog has a brand new look.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  And nothing makes us happier then rendering someone near speechless because they are so thrilled with their new look.  “Wow wow WOW! It looks fantastic! It looks SO much better than before, and totally unique and like a “professional” blog. Thanks so much! I’m so excited!”  We’re excited too Denice!  Take a look at her new design and her fabulous blog – if you have a little boy at home, it’s a must read to find all the best gear for your little guy!


Well, I’m off to watch the snow.  Our first big storm of the year.  They are saying we’ll get 9 – 14 inches, combined with rain later and gusty winds.  We’re getting ready for the power to go out so I’m off to try to squeeze in some more work!  Have a great week.

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