I’m in LOVE…with Lovely Charts an Amazing Online Diagramming Application


Typically, when I begin a web design, I draw a mockup with pencil and paper to get the layout setup.  This is often called wireframing, and although I sometimes use Photoshop to wireframe, more often than not it’s been easier for me to draw it out on paper.  I recently read an article that said you could use Google Docs to wireframe.  I took a quick look at Google Docs, but was a little overwhelmed by it, and decided to do a quick search for online wireframing tools.

Enter, Lovely Charts. Just the name was enough to convince me I wanted to use it.  I know, I’m an easy target.  The website sucked me in a bit too, but most impressive was the ease of using the online diagramming application to create flow charts, sitemaps and wireframes.  Everything is layed out in an easy to use format that allows you to use a variety of tools to create your diagram.  After just 10 minutes I had a quick diagram, that was not only functional – but pretty!  With easy drag and drop functionality as well as built in graphics so your charts are both stylish and functional.

Lovely Charts has a basic version, which is free and allows you to save one diagram to work on at a time.  You can create and save as many as you need, but you can only save one in progress at a time.  Their professional version has a yearly fee, and allows you to create unlimited diagrams that you can share and collaborate with others.

I think that there are most likely more full featured products on the market, but for freelancers, or smaller projects Lovely Charts will allow you to create functional and pretty diagrams without a lot of hassle or fuss!  Have fun!

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