Pinterest, it REALLY is Addictive but is it a Marketing Tool?

Has the Pinterest bug hit you yet?  I’ll admit it, like many other technological things (the internet for one) I was a little slow to hop on board.  And now, of course, I’ve quickly become a bit of an addict.

My main reason for not jumping into Pinterest right away was the time involved…let’s face it, like Facebook and Twitter, you can’t just hop on for a bit.  And, like Facebook and Twitter, to use them as a marketing tool, you have to be consistent.  I’m often lagging with my blog, Facebook updates and Twitter posts, Pinterest seemed like “just one more thing.”  But, it quickly spread and since part of my job as a boutique web designer is to understand social media, I felt like I had to get a better hold on what the hype was.

I’m not sure I’m there yet…I mean, I don’t know the possibilities for using it for your business.  I do know that as I’ve been surfing around the internet I want sites that I can easily use Pinterest with.  Things like no right click scripts, or flash images do get in my way of pinning.  It’s not going to determine if I shop there, but it is going to determine what I pin.  According to Venturebeat (and this isn’t the only article I’ve seen with stats like these) “Pinterest drives more revenue per click than Twitter or Facebook.”

I believe that it’s a no brainer for boutiques and boutique websites – make it easy for your customers to use Pinterest and create a Pinterest presence.   For designers or those in more of a service industry, it’s a bit trickier, but I think that there are and will be more creative ways to use Pinterest as a business tool…I just haven’t exactly nailed that down…yet.  For my business, I think it can be a way to showcase services and I will be using it in the near future as a way to help clients with color choices, an idea I got after reading this blog post:
and then this one:
I love how the photographer in the second piece uses the boards to work with her clients! But, I also think part of the success of Pinterest, as with Facebook and Twitter before it, is the ability to engage with your audience.

Let me know what you think…are you using Pinterest, do you get it, does it seem to be driving sales (how would you even determine that)?

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